Refit® Training and Fresh Inspiration

Over this past weekend I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to complete the instructor training for Refit® Revolution. My cousin, Keri, introduced me to Refit® a long time ago. She does the dance workouts with her three daughters. Refit® offers cardio dance for everybody and EVERY BODY. They make a point to make sure EVERY BODY BELONGS (regardless of body type, age, or fitness level). The workshop was led by two out of the three founders, Angela and Catherine. You may recognize Catherine from an episode of Fixer Upper (Season 5, “A Downtown Loft Challenge”). The ladies were just as nice as you would hope they would be. Angela is a hugger so naturally after Angela gave me a hug, I went in for a hug with Catherine too. Then I asked if she was a hugger also. She’s not! Lol! Oops! Catherine is quite the gifted comedian. Together they fit like two puzzle pieces. They are both so talented, fun, and engaging. The workshop consisted of them tag-team leading us in a 90-minute Refit® experience class on Friday night. Then Saturday consisted of another workout and the instructor training.

The atmosphere of the workshop felt supportive among the large group of women attending. Everyone was welcoming, kind, and positive. There weren't any competitive vibes like you might expect to find at other fitness events. The first night (Friday), a woman named Dana said hi and introduced herself the second I walked in the sanctuary (The event was held at a church, First Baptist Church Jenks). She was attending to get her instructor certification, as well. Dana would also become my lunch buddy on Saturday and prove to be a strong source of encouragement. My friend, Amber, who teaches Refit® in Lee’s Summit let a group of instructors from Kansas City know that I would be attending the workshop by myself. They found me next! More specifically, Shelley found me. Even though she had never met me, she just keep asking ladies until she found me! How kind is that!? One of the ladies, named Stephanie, I had actually already met before at a Refit® experience class with Amber over a year ago! It was great to reconnect! Shelley, Stephanie, and all the rest of the ladies from Kansas City made me feel so welcome. The tone was set for an awesome weekend!

With the Kansas City Refit Instructors

Then we did the 90-minute class taught by Angela and Catherine. They brought the energy! I started out tired from the drive there, but they brought me back to life! Angela brings the sass and pep of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and Catherine channels the hip hop energy of Bruno Mars! The 90 minutes flew by. Then we did our final cool down led by Angela, while Catherine did an inspirational reading over the mic. I don’t know what she said, but between her reading and the music I began to feel emotional. I knew I was where I was supposed to be, and everything came together. It was cathartic. Then we did another class Saturday morning. Saturday was mostly learning about the company mission, choreography, showmanship, cueing, class structure, and basic fitness principles. Even though several of us (the instructors in training) were venturing out of our comfort zones, the supportive vibes seemed to disarm us. I found myself doing the things that I told myself (and Angela & Catherine) I wouldn’t do, such as dancing up on stage by myself in front of the entire group! Ha,ha! I also found myself on the mic when they would ask for volunteers to answer questions! Fear of public speaking, BE GONE!!!! Praise God!

As Angela and Catherine shared more about their vision, they shared more of their hearts. As they spoke it was clear that they don't want anyone to ever feel excluded from a workout. They want Refit® to be a class where we can check our baggage at the door and for at least one hour set the struggle down, dancing our blues away. They were beautiful inside and out. They inspired me to think of the fitness industry in a different way, not as it is, but what it should be.

I had such a wonderful time! I made some new friends! It was fun, educational, inspiring, invigorating, and WORTH IT!!! Now, I have to practice the dance routines and perhaps come up with a few choreographed routines of my own. Then, the next step will be creating a group class where EVERY BODY is welcome. STAY TUNED! Subscribe for updates.


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