Songbird Cafe in Kansas City

One of my favorite places to eat lunch in Downtown Kansas City is Songbird Cafe. My husband actually discovered the place months ago when he had dropped off his vehicle for some repairs nearby. He was just looking for a place to get coffee or a snack while he waited for me to pick him up. He knows I love birds so this place jumped out at him. When I went to pick him up he asked me to come in, because he hadn’t finished eating. I go in and help him finish some delicious hummus. Then I say, ”This feels like a Christian place. I don’t know if I just want to think that because of all the birds.” (One of my favorite verses is Psalm 91:4).

Then I spot something! There’s a handwritten special on the wall that lists a Psalm 92 Smoothie! Then I take a look at the menu. There’s also an Exodus Smoothie. I was so thrilled!!! I knew it was a Christian place. I could feel it in the atmosphere. I went in feeling a little annoyed that my husband wasn't ready for me to just drive by and pick him up. Then the place gave me God vibes and good grub. Both give me peace. Also, did I mention I love birds? There is no shortage of bird decor, given the name of the restaurant is Songbird Cafe. Apparently bird decor gives me peace too.

I’ve been back several times since then. My favorite things to order are the triple panini grilled cheese, the veggie sandwich, and the tomato basil soup. The pear, turkey, and goat cheese panini with fig spread is also worth mentioning. I like to sub brie and hold the goat cheese on that one. I always order the sandwiches on gluten-free bread, but they have other choices.

The triple panini includes swiss, brie, and goat cheese. It's absolutely delicious!

The veggie sandwich is served cold and comes with avocado, tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, organic greens, cilantro, and choice of basil garlic cream cheese or organic housemade hummus. I asked for hummus on one side and cream cheese on the other. Why not? You can order a whole or half sandwich. The half sandwich is a great option to save a few calories or a few bucks.

The sandwiches come with a side of carrot chips. Potato chips cost extra.

For beverage choices, they have flavored sparkling water, artisan kombucha, coffee, tea, ginger tonic, and ginger shots. The local artisan kombucha was quite tasty!

They also have several gluten-free desserts, including macaroons, cacao cookies, ganache, protein balls, and cashew vegan cheezecake. Next time I will have to try coffee and dessert!

If you work downtown I highly recommend stopping in for lunch. Both times that I went for lunch I was in and out in less than 30 minutes, from order to finish. Songbird Cafe is located at 1529 Grand Ave., Kansas City, MO.

Just a heads up! They aren't open on the weekends. They are open 11-8, Monday through Friday. Next time you are downtown on a weekday, give it a try!

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