60 Basic Dance Steps for Fitness Cardio Choreography

Fitness Cardio Dance Steps
Basic Dance Steps

In this video, I take you through a tutorial of over 60 basic dance steps and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that you can use to create your own fitness cardio choreography. Whether you are a fitness instructor or just a fitness enthusiast, you can use this as a guide to fuel your own creativity. Whenever I choreograph a cardio fitness routine, I usually keep it pretty simple but I also love to follow other people's more elaborate routines. You can create your own cardio choreography using this video as a reference guide. I would love to see what you create. Please share a link to your own workout videos in the comments, either here or in the YouTube comments.

60 Cardio dance exercises tutorial - dance steps and HIIT (for Dance or Instructor Choreography)

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1. Heel march

2. Toe march

3. Side step

4. Side step with hip

5. Step tap

6. Step touch

7. Step slide

8. Step touch behind

9. Step heel

10. Hamstring curl

11. Squat hamstring Curl

12. Knee up

13. Wide knee up

14. Single single double knee

15. Kicks

16. Snap kicks

17. Kick side step (Ball Change)

18. Grapevine

19. Grapevine hop

20. Grapevine heel

21. V step

22. Box step

23. 2nd position plié

24. Plié tap

25. Plié knee in

26. Calf raises

27. Foot to foot

28. Boxer shuffle

29. Fake jump rope

30. Fake skip rope

31. Scissors

32. High knees

33. Run run pause

34. Monster truck tires

35. Butt kicks

36. Speed skate

37. Lunge step back

38. Lunge step side

39. Lunge step diagonally

40. Running man

41. Four steps forward/back

42. Shuffle

43. Hip shimmy

44. Jumping jacks

45. Half jack/side step

46. 2 count jack

47. Jack w/hamstring curl

48. Criss cross jack

49. Side to side hops

50. Jump over cone

51. Milli Vanilli

52. Vanilla Ice

53. U can’t touch this

54. Roger Rabbit

55. Chassé side step

56. Chassé side step ball change

57. Step ball change

58. Kick step behind

59. Cha cha step

60. Cha cha step diagonally

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