My Personal Journey With Faith

In this episode of Faith Training, I share my own personal testimony of struggles with faith and how I overcame them to get to where I am now. In one of the recent episodes about faith, I shared that the Hebrew word for "faith" or "belief" is emunah. I have learned that emunah means faith in action. It is thought of like a staircase. As we take steps of faith we level up. As I think of my own journey towards faith, it seems more like a very rocky mountain with dangerous cliffs and treacherous climbs. However, I'm still here. I haven't arrived at the peak yet. I share this testimony of my own personal journey in hopes that it will encourage you. If you are struggling with faith, then I encourage you to keep going. Keep asking God for a deeper measure of faith. In my experience, it's a prayer that He answers.

What has your journey with faith been like?


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