My Testimony, Value Unconditional

In this Faith Training episode, I am interviewing my dear friend, Geony Rucker. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Value Unconditional, and author of the book, “Trauma-Sensitive Purity.” Listen as we discuss the free services that her organization has to offer, as well as how her organization personally helped me at my church, New Life City Church.

You can find out more about her organization and/or donate: Buy Geony Rucker's book, "Trauma-Sensitive Purity:"

If you are interested in attending the Crisis Intervention KC event on February 11, 2020, visit:

Also, check out Geony's video, "10 Lasting Resolutions: Goals Actually Worth Your Effort." She has some great advice on setting New Year's resolutions that will help you think out of the box.


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