New Series! Christian Artist Spotlight

This past week I launched a new series on the YouTube channel called “Christian Artist Spotlight“ and my first guest was Kelsey Geminden. Kelsey is a singer/songwriter and she performed her original song, “Yet, You Love Me.“

Kelsey and I met through Kingdom Music Academy, an online program through Christian Music Mentor. She impressed me that every time I listen to her sing I feel a great calm and the peace of God’s presence. Stick around for the interview after she performs, because she shared how she wrote the song. Don’t forget to subscribe to Kelsey Geminden on YouTube to listen to more of her music! She has a great series called “PJ’s and Praise.”

I have been doing Faith Training and Fitness videos on my YouTube Channel, Choices Coach for several years. At the beginning of this season, I was fasting in prayer for God to tell me if I was to continue leading my Tuesday morning Bible Study for the Fall or not. He actually gave me a vision for interviewing indie Christian artists after they share an original song. Before I could make excuses about not knowing what to ask, he gave me 7 questions. Before I could make excuses about not knowing who to interview, he gave me names! 

I said ok, God, but you are going to have to teach me how to do this because I don’t know how. He did!

Originally, I just started the series, because God gave me the vision. I love music and have been studying music, so it wasn’t entirely out of left field. I don’t need to understand to just trust and obey. Right before the launch of this series, God started highlighting and pressing Romans 12:10 on my heart. That’s the “Why?“ The only thing we will take with us from this life is relationships and the love that we share. I look forward to where this journey takes me and the relationships that form out of it, and I hope it will bless several people along the way. It’s already been a blessing to me. I hope it will bless you too!

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